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HLARC is a 501(c)(3) Corporation

HLARC Mission: To promote the educational, scientific and fraternal aspects of amateur radio and to serve the public interest.

Join us for Breakfast and rag chew in person in Burnet, at 7:30 AM.  See below for details.

Our Next Monthly Meeting is: Christmas Party 12/13 at 6PM

R Bar and Grill,  904 3rd St, Marble Falls, TX 78654

 It is on the corner of 3rd and Main.  We decided to have our event on Monday because they are not open to the public that day.

We have the whole place to ourselves.  There will also be a cash bar for anyone who wants.  They have a good selection of wines, beers, and other drinks. 


We need an attendance count. If you have not yet replied on the mail list OR wish to join the club,

Please reply to the mail list or email us using address at bottom of this page.


Monday Breakfast Rag Chews are 7:30 Mondays at

El Rancho, 608 E Hwy 29 at Rohmberg - across from Mojo Coffee


To join HLARC, use the link below. Please mail you application and check to our PO Box as listed on the form.

OR, bring it to the meeting and let us say hello in person!

  To join or renew click here 


Want to become a Ham? Want to Upgrade?

Our Amateur Radio Club supports training of
new HAMS and encourages license upgrades
click here for more info



Every month we will have either a training session, formal presentation or a Pot Luck meal as a part of the meeting. With each pot luck, members will also get to bring items to sell or buy from others. Or... just bring something interesting to show that other hams need just to show us all!


New ham training/licensing class is underway, watch for updates here and on the weekly nets. The officers also plan specific follow-up events for new hams to fully integrate and support them with their new license. Michael Robinson, KC0TA is our lead VEC. As discussed on recent weekly nets, both scheduling of ham slams and public testing sessions are a part of it. Michael is our training officer and will present segments from time to time on the nets. Any member can deliver these quick training segments so be writing up a 1-3 minute segment to deliver during the net. He will also do so in rotation with other presenters.

All monthly meetings will be in person and on Zoom. Watch your email for the link

If you are not a mail list member, apply for membership or join us on the Sunday ARES net.


HLARC Monthly Calendar

Topic or presenters subject to rescheduling as needed

Date Meeting Type Details
January 2022 In person and on Zoom

Details TBD

February 2022 In person and on Zoom

Details TBD

March 2022 In person and on Zoom

Details TBD

April 30 In person and on Zoom

Details TBD

May 28

In person and on Zoom

Jim Simmons, W5EPA, will be presenting our program on latest FCC regulations on RF exposure evaluation
June 26 Field Day remote event

Check the Field Day Page for details. Check back often.... We will post changes as they occur

July 30 In person and on Zoom

Join us as Patrick Rogers, W5DVG and friends tell us about Texas RACES

August 27 In person and on Zoom

Tim, K3LR, --DX Engineering -- Building Antennas

September 24 In person and on Zoom

Mike Robinson, KC0TA,  -- Feed lines/Coax, tuning antennas, Test Meters and design software

October 29 In person and on Zoom

Officer election and Cory Gibson  -- DX Engineering --  EM COMM

November None

November-December meetings replaced by Christmas Party

December 13 In Person

Christmas Party at R-Bar 6 PM (see top of this page)

Future topics: It's a fielder's choice. Tell us what you want.  Discuss on mail list

or send new ideas to webmaster (address at page bottom)

Ideas so far:

WSJT-X -- including FT8, WSPR, etc.
WinLink Express

1) using an antenna analyzer / vector network analyzer for simple antenna measurements
2) antenna build-a-thon -- how to make a dipole (jpole?) for any band you choose
3) Logging your contacts -- demonstrate LOTW, N1MM, N3FJP, paper....
4) DXing for beginners
5) Texas QSO Party -- operating portable from a rare county, roving in your car, or sitting in your shack
6) Show - and -Tell -- everyone bring in a project they've built and show it off
7) Portable operations -- POTA, SOTA, Cruise Ship, or just your backyard
8) Feeding and "tuning" your antenna
9) SDR for dummies
10) Grounding, bonding, and counterpoises
11) Controlling EMI in your shack and home
12) Why upgrade to General?
13) My favorite ham software -- group discussion


A guest speaker from Burnet Co Emergency Management - what they do and what they learned

half duplex crossband repeating vs full duplex

how to use C4FM Fusion and Dstar  if you have a DMR thingamabob & what thngamabob does them all D-Star, Fusion, P25, C4fm like a "Openspot 3" for about $300 or so (maybe KT5MOW or KI5NCO could teach it if we don't have someone with one)

What's happening in Ham Radio ?????

Classes, Swapfests, the next SET date, buy and sell equipment... it 's all in Swapnet

Click here for Swapnet Newsletter . Updated after the Austin Sunday nets and always available online

You can also subscribe and get it by email, details inside the newsletter

“SwapNet” held every Sunday at 9PM on the 146.940 repeater in Austin, TX- an AARC/ARO tradition since 1974!


2021 and 2022 HLARC Officers
Al Chitwood
Vice President:
Terry Pardo
Open position
Lee Kinard

To contact the HLARC, address an email to:  webmaster   at   hlarc  dot  org

Reminder: Regular scheduled meetings are the last Friday (not the 4th Friday) and start at 6:30 pm.

ARES meetings are starting to occur again, 6 PM just before the club meeting.

On the LAST month of every quarter, a pot luck covered dish dinner occurs at 6 PM before the club monthly meeting. (still on hold)

Ham Rag Chew/Breakfast is open to everyone (public is invited) and is a great way to learn about

Amateur Radio, electronics, or communications and get your questions answered.



ARES SkyWarn NETWORK (Weather NET) will be activated as needed on 147.020 MHz with a PL of 88.5 Weather Net script is Here

Weekly ARES Net on the 147.020+ 88.5hz Repeater 

When:  Sunday night 8:30 pm

Who: Members and visitors

Burnet, Llano and Blanco County ARES INFO

Information on Sky Warn Training Classes

CLICK on this link - http://www.weather.gov/ewx/skywarn

For the Latest Hurricane Tracking Information Click Here



Ham Slam 2010 Pics    Field Day '09 Photos    Club Events Photos    Club In The Press Items


For General Info on Ham Radio See These Websites

Emergency Operations http://www.emergency-radio.org/

We Do That (what Ham's Do) http://www.arrl.org/wedothat-radio-org

Hello Radio - What Ham Radio is:  http://www.hello-radio.org/hello/

Click on this link for test information AREA VOLUNTEER V.E. SESSIONS

 NEW Link to Links For lots of Links to Ham Website click here

APRS    Link to Local APRS and Embedded Page  What is APRS?


Riley W5RLY is the Digital AEC click here for the WinLink info page

The Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Has a 110' Tower at 1400' on Park Rd. 4

The repeater is operated as a service to hams in the area. Your dues support repeater operation and upgrades, please join the club

The primary repeater is:
147.020 output 147.620 input with 88.5hz tone required (k5hla/r)
 There is also a Digipeater at the same site on 145.030 (k5hla-1)

Other Repeaters in the area

Chuck (KB5YKJ) 2 meter Repeater

145.290 -  offset

  PL 114.8hz secondary repeater

Brooks (N5KUQ) 2 meter Repeater 145.390 -   offset   PL 103.5hz tertiary repeater
2 meter Simplex if all else fails 146.580 simplex NO TONE
Brooks (N5KUQ) 70 cm Repeater 442.850 +  offset   PL 103.5hz

TxVHFFM.ORG Official Texas Repeater List


Ham Radio Links

NEW Southgate ARC Great Site for current happenings!

NEW DX Zone The-ham-radio-resource-guide

NEW K9IU Indiana University Website

ARRL_AppropriateUseGuidelines  ARRL   QRZ      Radioamateuronline

Hamwaves  Echoes of Apollo Aviation Communications Humor

Older Links

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