Welcome to the Highland LAKES Amateur Radio Club

Our goal is to help our members and the public learn more about the hobby through the educational and scientific aspects of Amateur Radio.

Next Monthly Meeting: June 30th








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Announcement: Monthly Club Meeting 56/30/23, Regular Meeting Agenda.   Location: Marble Falls EMS, 609 Industrial Blvd, Marble Falls.  

Club News

At the montly meeting in May we had discussions about this years field day.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Breakfast Meeting

Monday Morning Rag Chew Breakfast club. 0730hr …Details

Thursday  Net

Elmer Net 1930hr …Details

Sunday Net

Weekly Wrap-up Net 2030hr …Details

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  About HLARC

We have been in existence as a club since 1981.

Our club exists to help bring folks together with a common interest, HAM radio.  There are so many different facets of the hobby, making it fun and relevant for everyone.  From kids to parents to grandparents, all ages can enjoy the hobby. 

 We have fun informative NETS (On the air interactive radio programs) weekly.  Your welcome to listen to the nets or,  with a minimum of your Technician license, actually interact over the air with fellow HAM’ers.

PO Box 3022
Marble Falls, TX 78654

HLARC is a 501(c)(3) Corporation


At a glance info

 Our Repeater can be found on VHF 2m frequency of 147.020 with a tone of 88.5hz.

As of 2023 our repeater is a new Yaesu model DX-2R transmitting at 50 watts.

The repeater, tower and antenna are located off of Park Rd. near Inks Lake State Park in Burnet County, at an elevation of about 1,500 feet.

The repeater has great reach. The coverage area includes all of Burnet County, north into Llano, south in Blanco, west into Gillespie and east into Hays and Travis counties.   

Backup Repeater:   We have a backup repeater in the event our primary repeater is unavailable.  It can be located at 145.390. The tone 103.5Hz.

Winlink Repeater, also known as a Digipeater.  Winlink is a program you install on your computer and by tethering your computer to your radio, you can send and receive digital emails over the air! Our member, Riley W5RLY, has a RMS/Winlink Station operating on  145.030 MHz  as W5RLY-10, with “via” connect info of K5HLA-1.

You’ll need to first download the Winlink Software and install it on your Laptop or Workstation.  To connect to an HF or VHF digipeater it’s best to use the Vara Software that incorporates into Winlink.  Once these two pieces are on your laptop, you can config your com/port/USB to your radio and if your radio has a built in sound card, you’re good to do some quick configuration and you’re up and checking actual email using your radio as the connectivity portion.  There are club Elmers more than happy to help you set this up, just email and ask us.

The Winlink website has more detailed information about what they do and what they provide. You’ll also need the VARA add in to be able to connect with VHF/UHF Digipeaters to retrieve and send emails.  This can bit complicated but rest assured with a little bit of help from our members, we can help you get it setup on your radio and laptop.

Al Chitwood – KG5BF (President)

Chris Dietz – KI5UYD (Vice President) chris@KI5UYD.com

Lee Kinard – N5AVY (Treasurer)

Toni Hauer – W5CRX (Secretary)




Our club is part of an interactive forum that you’re welcome to read and join.  Here you can interact with other HLARC members about HAM radio, weather events, announcements and virtually all topics of relevant interest to our members and guests.

Other important links

  • Get to know virtually everything in detail about HAM radio, it’s history, what’s out there now, what to expect in the future,,, as well as GREAT resources for all your testing and license info.  They have a bunch of cool gear to buy as well. ARRL (American Radio Relay League)…
  • QRZ… IS a fantastic site for visiting if you wish to access the database of HAM call signs.  Enter a call sign in the search window and it will tell you all about the HAM.  If that HAM has input info about themselves as well as photos of their HAM equipment or shack it’s even more interesting!


Serving Our Ham Community Since 1981

 Our club has evolved over the decades to where it is now.  We have around 70 great members who have a passion for HAM radio!

All are more than happy to help out new HAMS and share their knowledge.


Our Club Is a fun family

“I went to a club monthly meeting, I didn’t have a license yet, and I was welcomed by all. 

I knew at once that these people in the club we’re going to be amazing and fun people to be around.” ~Chris

Club Programs


Monday Morning Rag Chew, POTA (Parks on the Air), Field Day, Ham Fest, Fox Hunts, Monthly Meeting, etc

Learn More

What are Options

There is more than just “talking” on a HAM radio. You can now email, morse code, chat, FT8, text, GPS, and more.  Talking and communicating with folks all around the world using these technologies, WITHOUT the aid of the internet.

Learn More


 A “Net” is an on the air gathering of licensed and unlicensed HAM’ers who share a common interest in the topic at hand and of the Net’s theme. 

Learn More

ARES info

Amateur radio operators use their training, skills, and equipment to provide communications during emergencies When All Else Fails®

Learn More

Parks on the Air

POTA (Parks On The Air) – This originally was a creation of the ARRL in 2016 with the intent of having an Activator (person with their equipment brought to a park) making contacts with Hunters (Folks at home with their HF equipment) responding and establishing an official exchange of information over the air.

Hunters attempt to get as many contacts as they can from their officially designated park.

It can be great fun and of course you get out into a city, county, state or national park! 

As with the other upcoming new and exciting events, stay tuned for our first date and time.

Here’s a GREAT pdf …from ARRL that explains it very well. 

Fox Hunts

A Fox Hunt is a scheduled event where licensed or unlicensed HAM take special (not expensive) track equipment out into the world, so to speak, to lock on and find a signal beacon.  It’s almost like a game of hide and seek.  There can be small teams or just individuals.  Prizes or awards can be won!

Plus,,, there can be an awesome meetup afterwards for talk, lunch, coffee, or dinner!

May 20th 2023 will be the first FoxHunt for the club in quite a while. It will be in Blanco County and Hunters are invited to El Agave Mexican Restaurant in Johnson City starting at 1300hr.  (Club is NOT paying for lunch)

Check out our Discord Server and look under the #Foxhunt Channel for details.  Or shoot us an email.


Certification Classes and Training

So, you’ve thought about getting a HAM license every since you were a kid with a CB or recently with a couple of FRS radios on a cruise ship or in Disney World.  It really is quite easy and you can learn and get licensed in stages.  Also they DON’T require morse code any longer.

The testing is multiple choice, study guides have all the questions AND all the answers, what could be easier.  A great part of the fun is studying with a friend, a kid or grandkid, and in the end testing together.

We as a club have testing sessions but if your anxious about in person testing or your schedule doesn’t match up with ours, there are plenty of ZOOM testing sites. Test pricing varies but is about 15 bucks-ish.

Let us know if you wish to get your license and we can hook you up with classes we sponsor and/or an Elmer (Mentor) to volunteer their time to help you.

OK, now you have no excuse! 

 Watch for training sessions and testing on our calendar.

Be Sure to email us with questions at Info@HLARC.org