Welcome to the Highland LAkes Amateur Radio Club

Our goal is to help our members and the public learn more about the hobby through the educational and scientific aspects of Amateur Radio.

HLARC Activities


Monday Morning Breakfast and Rag Chew (Rag Chew =  Talk about, socialize) We have a great fun get together every Monday morning at 0730hr at the Super Taco restaurant in Marble Falls.  All are welcome, you don’t have to be a member to attend.  The topic of conversation is OPEN, yes there is radio talk but other topics from your most recent vacation to what you did last week to what you’re going to do this week. 2200 HWY 281 N, Marble Falls, TX 78654, 0730hr.

Wednesday Coffee Club in Johnson City – Every Wednesday is coffee casual at the Johnson City Coffee Shop.  It’s pretty similar to the Monday breakfast  at the Super Taco, but,,, mostly coffee.  It starts at 0730hr.  All are welcome of course, and it’s a good place for our “southern area” members to meetup.  

Fox Hunt – We’re going to be starting this activity this year.  A Fox Hunt is where a low power simple beacon transmitter is hidden in a public area, (cty or state park, maybe a members property, etc.) and hunters using simple homing type equipment challenge each other in teams or individual to track down the radio signal.  Kind of like being a spy or something. 

POTA – Parks on the Air, is where a group of members, and guests, all meet at a City/State Park with their radio equipment and setup to transmit and receive, creating “contacts” that you can actually gain points for.  Of course it’s fun to bring along a BBQ, Food, beverages and enjoy the park as well.  These will be scheduled for 2023-24.  There is even talk this year of descending into a cave and contacting from below the surface of the earth! 

Member Open House – We’ll see how this goes but there has been some interest in scheduling some Member Open Houses, where a member welcomes the club to attend an open house at their place to show off their radio equipment, ham shack, and maybe other toys to the club. Stay tuned for more on this one.

Field Day / Summer BBQ/Picnic – Field Day, this is sponsored by ARRL…  and is where the club/s around North America meet at a location to setup all their gear and make contacts with each other to gain and be award points.  Other criteria is considered as well, Solar Power, GOTA station for new HAMS to gain credit/points, etc.  We should have a BBQ, Beverages, Yard Games and a good ‘ole fashion Summer Family Reunion type atmosphere where all, club and non-club members are welcome.  Come see operators in action! Get info and/or join the club, families are welcome.

Monthly Meeting / Swap Meet-Potluck – The monthly meeting has some of the required chat for non-profit clubs, Minutes, treasurer’s report,  etc. We get through this pretty quick to get to the fun part.  Talking about maybe what upgrades we’ve done to the repeater or other equipment, introduction of new members, an interesting program either from a member or an invited guest, followed by lots of fun talking and socializing!  The meeting is the Last Friday of every month other than November and December when we enjoy the holidays and of course in December we have our annual Christmas Party at a local restaurant.  The location Marble Falls EMS, 609 Industrial Blvd, Marble Falls 1830hr


Be Sure to email us with questions at Info@HLARC.org