Welcome to the Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club

Our goal is to help our members and the public learn more about the hobby through the educational and scientific aspects of Amateur Radio.


Nets, what is a net?  A “Net” is an on the air gathering of licensed and unlicensed HAM’ers who share a common interest in the topic at hand of the Net’s theme.  If you are UN-licensed, by FCC regulations you are not permitted to transmit during the net but entirely welcome to listen in.  By listening hopefully it will inspire you to “go for getting licensed” to be able to participate.  Until then you’re entirely welcome to email a question or comment into the club and we’ll be glad to ask or relay your comment on the air for you.

Elmer Net – Thursday Evenings at 1930hr  What’s an “Elmer”? An Elmer is a mentor, teacher or at minimum a Ham who has more knowledge than maybe you do.  With this said, this net revolves around new and seasoned Hams coming together to ask easy beginner ham questions as well as some very technical questions of the group.  This has got to be one of the best ways to start learning about all aspects of ham radio. 

Weekly Roundup Net – Sunday Evenings at 1930hr  This net is an Open Topic weekly round up.  It consists of  participants that can tell how their week was and what happened in their lives.  There is also a fun Trivia Question asked at the beginning of the Net for all to answer,  What’s your favorite Western movie of all time, What’s your favorite dessert, What’s your favorite pet, etc. 

Hobby Net – Monthly, the Monday after our monthly meeting at 1930hr – The hobby net is for all things hobby. Yes, it can be about HAM but also any hobby topic. (Gardening, guns, cars, models, fishing, hunting, boating, vacation & travel,,,, etc. The topic will be changed weekly. We hope to have a co-net control per hobby net, who maybe very experienced in the topic hobby to kick start the conversation. Once again an open type format, fun and informative.


Send us email: info@HLARC.org