Welcome to the Highland LAkes Amateur Radio Club

Our goal is to help our members and the public learn more about the hobby of Amateur Radio

Next Monthly Meeting: Jan 27th








Announcement: Monthly Club Meeting 1/27/23, includes a pot luck, and buy/sell/show off swap meet.

Activities and Programs

This will be a whole bunch of cool info about all our different up and coming activities and programs starting in 2023

I’ll provide some content here soon


Club Programs


POTA, Field Day, Ham Fest, Fox Hunts, Monthly Meeting, etc

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What are Options
This can say Winlink, Echolink, Digital, FT8, Etc.  drill in for more info below

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What is a net?  What nets we host here and people can drill down into the below for more info

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Ares/Races info

Info about the above topic. Brief, brief brief here.  People can drill down into it if they want more.

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Parks on the Air

This will be info on POTA and maybe dates and times… an explanation of what it is or what not.

Fox Hunts

instructions or info on foxhunts… maybe training and start place time and date.

Certification Classes and Training

Elmer Mentoring,,, lots of cool info about that.

Classes and training to get your license.

Want to Join The Club?

Cool info on joining the club.