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Winlink Info

Winlink Repeater, also known as a Digipeater.  Winlink is a program you install on your computer and by tethering your computer to your radio, you can send and receive digital emails over the air! Our member, Riley W5RLY, has a RMS/Winlink Station operating on  145.030 MHz  as W5RLY-10, with “via” connect info of K5HLA-1.

You’ll need to first download the Winlink Software and install it on your Laptop or Workstation.  To connect to an HF or VHF digipeater it’s best to use the Vara Software that incorporates into Winlink.  Once these two pieces are on your laptop, you can config your com/port/USB to your radio and if your radio has a built in sound card, you’re good to do some quick configuration and you’re up and checking actual email using your radio as the connectivity portion.  There are club Elmers more than happy to help you set this up, just email and ask us.

The Winlink website has more detailed information about what they do and what they provide. You’ll also need the VARA add in to be able to connect with VHF/UHF Digipeaters to retrieve and send emails.  This can bit complicated but rest assured with a little bit of help from our members, we can help you get it setup on your radio and laptop.



Be Sure to email us with questions at Info@HLARC.org