Welcome to the Highland LAkes Amateur Radio Club

Our goal is to help our members and the public learn more about the hobby through the educational and scientific aspects of Amateur Radio.


“Amateur radio operators use their training, skills, and equipment to provide communications during emergencies When All Else Fails®.  Hams serve our communities when storms or other disasters damage critical communication infrastructure, including cell towers, and wired and wireless networks. Amateur radio can function completely independently of the internet and phone systems. An amateur radio station can be set up almost anywhere in minutes. Hams can quickly raise a wire antenna in a tree or on a mast, connect it to a radio and power source, and communicate effectively with others”  From ARRL.org

If you wish to get involved with the community service of being an ARES member, it’s easy, just email the Emergency Coordinator… and our ARES lead, Tom Hauer, K0YA, will reach back out to you with more details and info.

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Be Sure to email us with questions at Info@HLARC.org