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P.O. Box 856
Kingsland, Texas 78639
HLARC is a 501(c)(3) Organization.
[be sure to check out the CALENDAR occasionally]


Date/Time: The Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club normally meets on the last Friday of the month at 1830 Hours local time. Quarterly, in January, April, July, and October the meeting is a potluck supper.

ARES session convenes immediately before the regular meeting, at 1800, EXCEPT when there is a potluck supper meeting.

Location: Marble Falls EMS station. 609 Industrial Boulevard, Marble Falls, TX  MAP

Special meeting notes

Pres. Jim, K5JTM, will likely be discussing the upcoming Ham Slam (Oct 25).  Gil, KA5GIL, ARES Emergency Coordinator for Burnet/Llano counties will discuss the upcoming exercise on Oct 11.


Monday mornings will find many area hams (club members and otherwise) at the El Charro Mexican Food Restaurant in Burnet, TX (block South of the traffic light at the 7-11).  We meet for breakfast and arrive around 7:30-8:00am.  All are welcome and the conversations at the table are guaranteed to be interesting.  Tall tales are allowed. Even the truth is accepted (grudgingly).  The group recently migrated from the Highlander but that’s a tale of its own.


ICS course availability

ICS 300 on 11/12&13/2014
ICS 400 on 11/18&19/2014
Burnet Fire Department

ICS 300 on 12/6&7/2014
ICS 400 on 12/13&14/2014
Liberty Hill Fire Department

This is per Jim Barho, Burnet County Emergency Manager.
The Burnet course may have only 1 or 2 spots available. If you want in on EITHER group, contact Jim Barho 

Repeater status

The .66 machine remains in its alternate location for testing. For now, we are using 145.290 (tone 114.8) — thanks to Chuck, KB5YKJ — as our primary repeater. That is his physical repeater which is located at our PR4 location.

Local digital net moving to FM

The digital net which meets just after the voice net on Sunday evenings now operates on 2M FM on 145.550.  The reason is to have better and easier local area digital comms.

Website changes & additions

NBEMS tutorials (have been moved to here)

Added a page on RMS Express via sound card

Enables both VHF packet and HF Winmor using a SignaLink (no TNC required) (here)

New visual theme

Yes, it has been changed again in the hopes of making it more readable and more navigable. Feedback welcome. Email KA5GIL.

New on the website:  videos covering all aspects of installing, configuring and using the NBEMS/FLdigi programs.



  • Full (voting): $24.00 member must possess a valid amateur radio license
  • Associate (non-voting): $24.00 for anyone aspiring to become an amateur radio operator
  • Family (voting): $26.00 for multiple licensed amateur radio operators in the same household
  • Family: $26.00 for combined licensed ham and (non-voting) Associate member

Download the form:

HLARC Membership Application just download, complete, and send it with your dues payment and a copy of your ham license (if applicable) as stated on the form. Check out the new member infoNOTE: clicking the membership application link should open the PDF form in your browser. If it does not, then your browser is not configured to do so and in that case, right-click the link and choose to ‘save link as’ or whatever your particular browser does.

Ham Blogs

Nick, WB5BKL


Jim, W5LOG


The apparently elusive repeater search

Map Mashup of hams – this is a pretty interesting view

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  1. For your consideration. I think the front page of the web site should have the club’s and member’s repeaters listed along with any local WinLink (PacLink) nodes and frequencies. Just my $.02 worth.

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